The set-up

Okay, my husband built an awesome coop for me last year. I knew I needed a hive stand so I started bugging him a few weeks ago. He tried to insist that the cinder blocks would do and I insisted they wouldn’t 🙂

Anyway, he built a very nice hive stand. He first wanted to build a hive stand for each hive and I quickly nixed that idea. I needed a stand that would allow me to set the smoker and my tool-box on a level surface. The hives are located on a slope in our yard and whenever I needed to set an item down, it would invariably tip over. Not fun for a bottle of syrup or a smoker!

So this is what it looks like:

The ends of the hive stand, the part that the hives are actually on, are open, just framed. This allows the screened bottom board to do it’s job and it allows ample ventilation (it was 100 degrees today!)

The middle portion is my favorite, it would fit another 2 hives, albeit tightly. I don’t want that but I was contemplating having a nuc in residence at all times with a spare queen. We’ll see. Anyway, the space between the hives allows me to lift off a box and set it down on a level surface while still providing ample room for my tools. It’s fabulous and I started using it immediately.

I have decided to name the hives and probably the queens as well. This will help me keep track of the “provenance” of the queens. The orange hive will be called Melissa–those familiar with beekeeping lore will understand it. And the purple hive will be called Demeter. As Demeter’s queen is from Peter’s progeny, and his bees are fabulous spring builders, it should be a good match. Oh, I just thought of a good name for the queen, “Penelope.” I’ll have to mull over Melissa’s queen. I hope the hive names give them good luck.

I also want to get a good picture for the header.

My plans for this weekend: mark the queens!! Scary! I’m going to practice on drones first and I have a queen marking cage to make it easier. I’ll post pictures and maybe even a video.

My husband wants to post as well so he’ll be a guest user here. I may have to preview what he writes…

Here’s a picture of my favorite beekeeper, and the youngest one I know!


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