Orientation flights

I came home yesterday and did my usual quick look at the hives. Seeing a whole lot of bee activity, I watched to make sure it wasn’t robbing going on. Mind you the Demeter hive was the one with the activity and it is a stronger hive for various reasons. It would be very strange for a weak hive (Melissa) to launch an attack on a stronger hive. I have sugar feeders on both hives and I added my own concoction of Honey-B-Healthy to the syrup so I am always worried about robbing.

As I watched I realized that there was no fighting and if I focused on just one bee, I could see it crawl out of the hive, fly in front and to the sides, up/down and then move further away from the hive as it still flew side to side and up/down until it was about 10 feet away and then fly off. It took maybe 30 seconds to a minute at most. The capped brood must have hatched and the jobs are shifting in the hive.

As the bees emerge, they become house bees and nurse bees, allowing the former house and nurse bees to “move up” the ladder and engage in foraging/guarding, etc.

I have a video and once I figure out how to add it, I will.

Here it is:


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