Bee Vision and Heater Bees

I’ve been reading about bees for a long time and it’s amazing that we can assume a variety of things about them and make decisions without fully understanding the workings of a hive and reason certain things are the way they are.

For example, brood pattern. One thing a new beekeeper is instructed to look for is the “brood pattern” of the queen. Beekeepers get really excited when they see wall to wall brood, because brood equals more bees, more bees equal more foraging which results in more honey. More bees also equals a stronger hive, which improves winter survival, if you keep bees, you want lots of them in your hive. Queens are often disposed of when the brood pattern is “spotty.” I can see eliminating her if the gaps are quite large but I’ve seen queens removed when they’ve left some holes. Turns out those holes actually do something.

Watch this


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  1. That video was so interesting. I’ve never given much thought about keeping my own bees but the idea is growing on me. I love watching them buzz all around me when I’m working in the garden.

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