Parsleyworms and Monarch Caterpillars

I was going to post pictures of the various wildlife we have around here but the parsleyworms have abandoned me and I can’t find the pictures of the monarch caterpillars I took last year.

Parselyworms are the caterpillar form of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly

This becomes….


Isn’t it beautiful? I went out on Sunday to cut some parsley only to discover that on my 2 small plants there were 11 caterpillars! Today, they seem to have gone away and my parsley is notably defoliated. I don’t mind though.

That same day we had dinner on the deck and when we opened the umbrella:

Our old friend was there to greet us, it’s a Gray Tree Frog. I’ve tried putting him on the various trees we have in the yard but he prefers the umbrella. Go figure.

While we’re on the subject of various animals, here are our chickens (you can click for a bigger picture):

Enjoying some buttermilk–stay back, it gets messy!

We have 10 chickens, used to have 11 but we lost one to the heat in early June. Now it’s been >115 degrees with the heat index. So far they’ve been holding on. I set up a sprayer to mist the run and hopefully lower the air temperature around them but with the humidity so high, I doubt it does much good. Poor girls, I can’t wait for it to cool down some more.

Plan this weekend: look at the bees! I added a 2nd deep brood box to Demeter Tuesday before work. None too soon either, when I inspected them before, they were building comb on top of the frames. We’ll probably check them on Sunday since it’s going to be hot again on Saturday. Oiy, I can’t take this heat.


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