Hive Inspection 7/24/2011

This is a delayed post because I’ve been distracted by Lisa See’s “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.” Definitely a good read.

Went into the hives on Sunday, here are the results.


  • Set-up: 10 frame Deep brood box
  • Number of frames being worked: 5? Can’t really remember
  • Queen spotted: Yes
  • Frames of brood:2.5 frames with large areas
  • Type of brood identified: eggs, larvae and capped
  • Food: Quart jar of 1:1 sugar syrup with HBH added, 1/4 used. Left on.

Overall Impression: Improving, clearly more bees are present. In the picture below you’ll see every single empty cell, which used to be capped brood, is now filled with eggs!  They really have no stores. I was really glad to see the queen was okay, I was fretting all week that I had ruined her or the workers “took her out.”

Plan: Feed until the cows come home. Make it 2:1 sugar syrup.

Eggs, look closely!
Same frame, can you spot the queen?? She's toward the center right, on the bottom.
Capped brood
Same frame, other side. Lots of capped brood, good laying pattern.


  • Set-up: 10 frame Deep brood chamber
  • Number of frames being worked: 8.5
  • Queen spotted: Yes and marked white
  • Frames of brood: 5+
  • Type of brood identified: capped and larvae
  • Food: Switched to hive top feeder, added about 1/2 gallon.

Overall Impression: Doing very well, expanding. Using the 5.1mm foundation I added. It’s neat to see the capped honey around the brood–they just started working this frame a couple of weeks ago. Impressive little bees. They have not expanded into the 2nd deep I added on July 19th.

Plan: Check the feeder to make sure no bees drown. Figure out a way to add pollen patties.

I marked the queen in this hive, made a much better job of it this time 🙂

Here is the 5.1mm foundation in Demeter:

5.1mm foundation. You can see the wires along the bottom frame where some wax broke off during installation.

Another update this weekend! To my hive checklist, I’m going to add “number of frames covered by bees” to help me gauge population. I need to figure out a way to take notes.


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