I love hive inspections! 8/20

Oh my goodness, I love the Demeter hive. Those girls are doing everything they’re supposed to. Even Melissa showed some improvement! Check this out.


  •      Set-up: One deep
  •      Number of frames being worked: 6 (increased); 2 of the frames have one side built out
  •      Queen spotted: No
  •      Frames of brood:3 (unchanged)
  •      Type of brood: larvae, capped
  •      Frames of bees: 5 on a sunny day. Clearly more bees in here now.
  •      Food: 2 Quart jars, one 1/3 full, the other 1/4. Same pollen patty, slowly getting smaller.
  •      Beetle trap: 3 dead inside.

Overall Impression: There has been a clear increase in numbers and they have started to work more of the frames. Brood is still coming on the same number of frames.

Plan: See how they do I guess, what I would like to do is give them maybe 2 frames of capped brood. When we go into Peter’s hive, I’ll see if there is any brood in the upper chamber or not. If not then I won’t pull any brood from the bottom.

You can tell, WAY more bees in Melissa. Still working on that pollen patty, slowly but surely.
This is the Beetle Blaster from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm. It caught 3 hive beetles in the oil. I'm going to add some vinegar as an attractant.
There is new wax on this old brood comb. I wonder if they're adding another layer of honey over the old one.
It's easy to see the new wax they're drawing out. Finally!
This is a great picture of plastic foundation. This is a white plastic foundation and usually the manufacturer sprays some wax on it to make it more appealing to bees (they don't like plastic). This came from the parent hive. The foundation I use is a wax foundation, they prefer it over plastic but what bees love most is to draw their own comb. So I'll be making some foundationless frames for them and they'll make the wax and the comb. You can also get black plastic foundation to use in the brood chamber, the black makes it easier to spot eggs.
Moving the frames over and getting ready to replace the ones we pulled and close up the hive.


  •      Set-up: Two deeps
  •      Number of frames being worked: 6 on top and 9 on the bottom (same)
  •      Queen spotted: Yes
  •      Frames of brood: one in the top and 3 in the bottom (increase).
  •      Type of brood: eggs, larvae, capped
  •      Frames of bees: 5 in the top and 7 1/2 in the bottom (sunny day)
  •      Food: Hive top feeder was empty, added a 1/2 gallon. A 1/4″ strip of the old pollen patty was left, added an entire, unrolled new one.

Overall Impression: Doing very, very well. I’m super thrilled to see the queen is laying in the top deep. There were eggs in ALL of the empty cells that used to have brood! More on the way, this is so awesome.

Plan: Avert a late-season swarm. Bees swarm when they think they have no room. I’ll need to checkerboard the top frames tomorrow, put together some medium foundationless frames that they’ll draw out.

You can see the increased depth of the wax cells. The unworked foundation sheet is almost flat. When they feel they need more space for something, they will start to draw out the foundation.
This is all sugar syrup from which they have evaporated enough water to finally cap.
Woo hoo! Brood in the upper deep! I love this queen.

Check out the eggs! You’ll want to click on the picture below and zoom in. They are about 1/2 the size of a grain of rice and a translucent white.

I spy, with my little eye…a queen!

Curtsy and bow to Queen Penelope.

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