Robbing Honey Frames

I’ll post this first though this would ideally follow the “Harvesting” post. Here is what it looked like a couple of hours after I set the crazy frames out. I apologize in advance for some of the shaky camera work but it’s still very viewable.


If you’ve read about robbing, you probably heard how bees will just rip the cappings and the edges end up ragged and shredded? Well, this is what it looks like:

Shredded edges on the honey comb. If the bees were in their own hive, they would NOT be so careless. The edges would be much neater since they would take their time. But when they're robbing, they are in a frenzy.
You can see how they decimated the comb completely. It's in piles on the ground, all that bare space used to be covered in comb and honey. I don't know if I'll be able to salvage any of the wax.


I noticed that there were bees clustered on the outside of my hive. I finally realized that the wooden super had uneven edges due to propolis build up and this was keeping the hive top feeder from sitting flush around the edges. That small opening under the feeder allowed the outside bees to smell the honey in the super below and they were able to see the other bees in the super. So I took the hive top feeder off and scraped the edges of the super and left the feeder off. I put rocks in it to keep the bees from drowning in the remaining syrup. Tomorrow the syrup should be gone and I can replace the feeder on the hive.

The wooden super is the new honey from Peter's hive. You can see how the bees are hanging out. I removed the green super and the feeder under it. I'll replace them tomorrow I think.



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