I have to start out by saying I was stung. Not by my bees (which has happened 2x) but by something way worse…a hornet. And let me tell you people, it hurts. My hand was like a claw for a couple of hours. As I type this, it has been a good 4 hours since it happened and it still stings and I cannot open my hand all the way. This was the breed, doesn’t it just look nasty?


Now the better question would be “Why did you get stung?” Do I haaave to tell you? All right. I was stung because I was stupid! I saw the darn thing preening on the water barrel I have for the bees and I decided I would toss it to the chickens. I give the girls all sorts of yummy morsels when I’m in the garden. Well, I reached for it with my nitrile gloved hand and it stung me through the glove into the palm of my hand. I actually yelped and dropped it, I ripped off my glove and within minutes I could see the pool of venom in my plam. Man oh man oh MAN, it HURT. And it still hurts if I try to straighten my hand.

I’ve been stung by the bees a couple of times and within 20 minutes all signs of the sting were gone. It turns out that European Hornets have extra powerful venom, yay!

Why did I try to toss it to the chickens? Well I had noticed these things flying by my bee hives. They resembled Cicada Killer Wasps but they were flying at my beehive. Not normal behavior for the CKW’s. After doing some research, I found out these were hornets and they are honey bee predators. Well, the rest is common sense no?


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