I hate yellow jackets!

After battling cucumber beetles, squash bugs, Japanese beetles, and whatever white thing was destroying my kale and collards, I thought “At least my raspberries will be okay for the Fall.”

Do you think my raspberries were okay? Well if you guessed “No” you would be correct! Why else would I be writing like this???? How many things can eat raspberries? What is your first guess? Maybe birds, right? That would be my first guess. But NO! Birds are NOT the problem. Let me keep the suspense from eating at you. IT….is…..THIS:

El Bastard!!

And this!

LOOK! He's EATING MY RASPBERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what do I do?? I Google (that’s a verb now, right? I say all the time, “Google it!”) Anyway, I get traps from HD (big orange box store) and place one IN the raspberry patch and one about 15′ away from it. Which do you think works better? They are the SAME trap (using pheromones)…drum roll please…the one FURTHER away works! Not a single wasp is caught IN the raspberry patch.

Don't look at the picture wasp, look just beyond it and you'll see the dead ones floating. There were 7 the first day, 13 the next and even more today.

So what can I conclude? 1. There is a nest somewhere. 2. The nest may be closer to the trap hanging on the tree. 3. The smell of ripening fruit is MORE powerful than sex pheromones.

What else can I do? Naturally, to make my life easier, I make some homemade sweet traps using soda (which I had to buy since we don’t drink it) and vinegar (apparently it attracts wasps but keeps honeybees away, makes sense to me). I remember shooing away yellow jackets when drinking soda in the summer, I hope this works!

Next spring I am supposed to put out traps to catch the Queen apparently. Why do I always learn about these things when it’s too late?

This seems to have been the post of questions, I ask questions and then I answer them. I was very frustrated and seriously ready to kill all the raspberry plants. Out of a cluster of 10 ripe berries, about 8 would be destroyed from the center outward. Even worse the wasps apparently rip out and eat the center before moving on to another berry; they may come back to it if nothing else is ripe enough but they’ll just eat the middle of all the fruits. I’ve watched them to figure out their strategy and caught them by hand (wearing gloves of course) and tossed them into my soapy water graveyard. I’ll share a picture of it next time, very satisfying. The stink bugs have also been all over the raspberries but I was ready for them, I was not ready for the wasps!



  1. I will try this next year. I popped a raspberry in my mouth and was stung by one of these and that’s how I found my culprit. I honestly didn’t see it but lesson learned.

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