Small Hive Beetle: CD Case Trap

Yesterday I made several traps to be used to catch and kill the small hive beetle. I have the Beetle Blaster in the hives but those are not reusable and I really dislike the oil. It spills easily and the bees propolize the traps making it more difficult to remove them. I have the oil in a squeeze bottle to add to the traps but the oil still spills out of the nozzle.

I stumbled onto this site and followed the instructions to make a CD case trap. The instructions are pretty clear but I made a video to help out.

I plan to bait the hives with fermented pollen as suggested by a member on I took a small piece of pollen patty and mixed it with honey, covered with plastic wrap and let it sit for a few days. Apparently this is VERY attractive to the SHB. I will mix this with boric acid as a poison. The bait will stay in the trap and the bees will not be able to get to it. I have to remember to be careful when I remove the trap, in case it opens accidentally and drops the poisoned bait into the hive. I think I’ll tape the edge shut the just to make sure.

Here’s the video I made:

I’ll post updates as I use this trap.


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