Holy Hornets Batman!

As you know, I have had personal experience with hornets, and it was NOT pleasant. In my quest to destroy the yellow jackets eating my raspberries and the hornets eating my bees and stinging me, I made a homemade trap. In the span of a 20’x20′ area, I have 5 traps. Three are store-bought, 2 are homemade. It took about a week and a half for the homemade trap to catch anything, but when it did..it did. Check this out!

Yeah baby! See those dead suckers? Hornets and yellow jackets. Woo HOO!

Wait until you see this one, there are so many, you can’t even count them:

This is right next to the store-bought one. They both have caught lots of wasps, but only this one caught the hornets too. Score!

The recipe is from beesource.com and calls for:
2 cups of water
2 cups of sugar
Half a cup of white vinegar
And 3 or 4 piece’s of banana skin (about an inch in length)

I used soda for the sugar and water, decided I wasn’t wasting sugar on these pests. Soda attracted wasps when I was a kid and apparently, it still does. 🙂

I never saw hornets here until I had bees. As they said in Field of Dreams…”build it and they will come.” This is also the case for garden pests…”grow it and they will come.”



    • I actually have a video I took but decided not to post it. I may after all…it’s of a hornet flying around the trap. But I was such a scaredy pants, I had to get away!

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