So we had a low of 44 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. The bees are on a slope in the back of our yard and were quite likely cooler than that. I was so worried about them!! I wasn’t sure if there were enough bees to cover the brood in Melissa, remember I moved a frame of brood up into the second deep I added Monday? But then I started thinking about how many bees I saw in the honey super and in the bottom deep that day, it was well over 8 frames of bees on a sunny day so I think they were okay.

Just in case, I checked them out today (just observing their activity) to see if they were hauling out any chilled brood today. Everything looked fine, they were hauling pollen in still. Then again, if the brood died, the bees wouldn’t waste it and would in all likelihood eat it. Never waste protein!


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