Brief hive inspection 9/18

Well, it was a warm, sunny day today so I figured I could at least check on them and the pollen patty/sugar syrup situation.This is what I saw as I approached. Actually you could see this from my kitchen, about 100′ away…it’s hard to miss 🙂


This was from the front:


I made another batch of sugar syrup anticipating needing it, but they didn’t. I think the cool nights have kept them from being able to use the syrup as quickly, the bees are covering the brood to protect them and keep them warm.

Melissa was looking good, I wanted to see if they were doing anything in that 2nd deep I added. Well, they were building out the two frames that sandwiched the one of brood I moved! They were still working on the one of honey I added last time. The brood was emerging, and there was new larvae in the open spaces!! YAY!

Still working on the pollen patty, both hives look like this...just nibbling. You can see my beetle jail, it's the white long thing. The CD beetle trap with nary a beetle and the beetle blaster on the other side of the pollen patty. I think beetles know I don't like them 🙂


Neat, isn't it? I love watching them.
Beetle Jail, no beetles in it!
Beetle Blaster
I use a pillow case now, it covers the supers and hive bodies as I work them. This helps to keep the bees calm and prevents robbing.

I really, really doubt they will build out the second deep in time. How long should I give them? It took them 6 days to build out the two frames on top during cool weather, hopefully it will go quicker this week!

It looks like they’ve propolized the sugar syrup holes so I’m going to switch out 2 lids with fresh ones, clean the propolized lids and replace them.

When moving the super, I tipped it and oil spilled out and killed some bees. I hope I didn’t get the queen, I don’t think so but I’ll check next week.

Demeter is also looking great. I just popped the lid on it to look. Pollen patty is just being nibbled. I need to check next weekend and see if they have drawn out any of the foundationless frames. Very curious.

I need some advice…I may still need to combine the 2 hives. I’m not sure what to do. If Melissa is still just one deep in October, I may combine them. I’m going to the Carroll County bee meeting on Wednesday. We’ll see what they say.


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