Wasp and Hornet Update

You should have seen me Wednesday. I went out to refill the bees’ sugar syrup and a hornet was buzzing around there. As I watched it another one came and they locked onto each other and started grappling! They flew behind the hives and landed in this depression, I grabbed a wooden board we had lying around there and I wacked them with it! Their buzzing got very loud but they were still holding onto each other, I wacked them again and could see them twitching. I got a small rock and set it on top of them to keep them from moving. I thought better of it and added a bigger rock 🙂

I got my son’s bug collection container and scooped them in there veeeery carefully. Then I stuck them in the freezer still twitching. Friday I brought them to work for my co-worker’s daughter who is collecting bugs for a science project. I warned her not to touch the abdomen because the hornets can still sting even when dead. She was quite thrilled.

For all of you that are wondering about the state of the traps, here are the results:

Yellow jackets and European hornets caught using a homemade trap.

A month later, the traps are still catching hornets, which are a type of wasp. I was going to drain this one, to show you that this has 2x as many as the above trap, but I saw one hornet actually struggling in this trap so I left it alone. I’m replacing these traps this week:


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