48 hour check and mite drop

I checked on them again. The carcasses from the landing board had been removed, I don’t know if the dead bees from the screen had been removed.

This is the foam board with the mites. I just used regular foam board and smeared some petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on it. This is NOT the first 24 hr drop, it’s the drop from hour 24 to 48. Click for a larger picture.

It's pretty clear, the large brown blotches with legs are the mites.
You can see the overall mite drop here. The dark spots (look black but are really dark brown) are the mites. You can click to get a bigger picture. It's interesting to see the debris in just 24HRS, I'm glad the bottoms are screened, imagine how much gunk would be on a solid bottom board.

I can’t wait to get in the hives! I want to see the queens!


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