Happy Bees and more hornet trapping

Day 5 of treatment and the girls were out in force today. It was wonderfully sunny and very windy. I was really worried about Melissa: yesterday I popped the lid to see if any bees were in the empty hive top feeder, no bees! Not even humming. So I knocked on the hive, quite vigorously, and still nothing.

So I was very relieved to see lots of bees from both hives out and about today. They were finding pollen, not tons but something at least.

My husband and a friend were brewing beer today and while they were sitting on our patio,  hornets flew around them. One flew onto my husband’s beer glass!! Though it walked into the glass, it flew out before it fell. I found three hornets struggling in my freshly-made traps, hopefully those included the two flying around the patio.

That old trap from the beginning of September was still trapping hornets. Check this out:

I had to stuff the entrance to make sure they didn’t get out. Unreal that this trap is still working almost 2 months later. The only thing I would change is to make it bigger!!

I can feed the bees starting Monday (day 7 of Varroa treatment), I can’t wait to do a hive inspection. I only hope the weather cooperates!



  1. The traps looks great, I wonder if it would work with German wasps (Yellow Jackets)?

    What do you use for bait in your trap? We have a huge wasp problem here in New Zealand. So we are keen to traps wasps this year.

    See ya..Gary

    • Gary,
      Yes the traps work for both yellow jackets and european hornets. It does not trap honey bees. If you type in “yellow jacket” into the search feature on my blog, it’ll show you my posts about the wasps. There are some great pictures with the traps.

      The recipe is one I found on the forums on beesource.com: two cups of sugar, two cups of water, 1/ 2 cup of white vinegar and a chopped banana peel (not the whole thing, just one strip).

      This is what I used: regular soda not sugar and water (I didn’t want to waste the sugar on the wasps). I added enough vinegar that I could smell it to make sure the bees would not be attracted, add the chopped peel. Once you have made it up, it needs to “age” for a few days before it becomes effective.
      Make sure the bottle is filled about a third of the way, you’ll need lots of liquid for drowning. The hole should be about an inch in diameter but don’t worry if it’s bigger and jagged.
      The regular soda here has high fructose corn syrup in it, don’t know that it really matters. Choose a light-colored soda, you’ll get more satisfaction as you see the traps fill up.

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