Meyer Lemon

Last year, I asked for and received a Meyer Lemon tree as a gift for my birthday. It arrived as a 2yo tree with quite a few branches and very healthy looking with lots of leaves. Within a month it was growing fungus in the soil, the leaves had almost all dropped off (I think it was down to 6 or so) and there was scale on the branches.

Meyer lemons like dry feet, lots of light (about 6 hrs a day), and lots of fertilizer. Because of a plant-eating cat, I had the tree in a less-than ideal location: the guest room. The room is a cold room that receives some sun but not a lot. So when I watered the pot, the soil would never dry out because of the saucer under it and the coolness of the room.

I replanted the tree in new soil, took off the saucer that comes attached to the pot, elevated the pot on rocks to prevent water contacting the soil and fertilized.

Within a few weeks there was new growth and even 2 flower buds. The buds opened and I pollinated but no fruit came. I wasn’t surprised though as the plant was still too small to support fruit growth.

When spring came, the tree went outside full time once the outside temps were consistently above 50F. This is the tree now, a big improvement from 6 leaves:

Flower buds, lots and LOTS of them.

It takes 9 months for the fruit to ripen! I’ll probably make jam or marmalade as gifts if I get enough fruit.


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