Belated Update

Once Thanksgiving came around (along with my birthday) I seemed to be running on high gear every day. Sorry for the delay but life gets in the way…

A few weeks ago we had a very warm spell and I had put out the citrus tree. The bees were out and quickly all over the citrus blossoms as the only source of nectar and pollen at this point.

Honey bee on meyer lemon blossom.

This is the greenhouse: within 5-6 days, the seeds I had planted had sprouted.

Seedlings in November
More seedlings
This bed has lettuce, collards and kale. The last 2 are for the chickens to give them some greens over the winter.

Since these pictures were taken, I’ve brought in the citrus tree into the utility room under timed lights. I’ll post pictures next time. But along with the tree came fungus gnats-they don’t harm the tree but are super annoying to have inside. I’ve started a war…Hopefully I’ll win and the tree will survive.

The tree was outside during some very cold days and ended up losing pretty much all of the flowers. Sigh. Live and learn. Tomorrow is going to be fairly warm, I’m going to peek at the bees.


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