New traps

Well, I set out the new hornet and wasp traps on Sunday. I checked them yesterday to make sure no bees were attracted to them. I was so fed up with the yellow jackets eating my raspberries last year, we hardly got any for us. I don’t know what I’m going to do if they come back. I hope I at least make a dent in their population. I don’t know if I set them out too late this year to catch the wasp and hornet queens.

Just a refresher for the recipe (from beesource):
2 cups of water
2 cups of sugar
Half a cup of white vinegar
And 3 or 4 piece’s of banana skin (about an inch in length)

I don’t use the sugar and water. Rather, for the traps I buy regular soda (not diet) and use that as my 2 cups of sugar and water. I then add vinegar until it smells “vinegary” and toss in the chopped banana skin. Leave the bottles for a few days inside to “stew”.  Cut ~1″ hole at the side on top of the bottle. Use clear bottles so you can see all the dead bodies 🙂



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