Boy do I have stories for YOU!

But first, an article. Almond pollination contracts are big business for commercial beekeepers. The California almond industry supplies the US with 100% of it’s almonds and 80% of the world’s almonds (these are the most recent numbers I read). That’s a BIG deal.

Since the onset of various ills affecting the bees, scientists have been working on creating a self-pollinating almond that is comparable to the most commercially successful variety: Nonpareil. And they have apparantly succeeded. Read this.

Did you know, there are also self-pollinating citrus trees? They are known as the seedless varieties and citrus growers DO NOT WANT BEES around because then the bees will pollinate the flowers and MAKE SEEDS! I read “The Beekeeper’s Lament” by Nordhaus last year. I highly recommend it.



  1. Hmmm, it worked earlier. If you type in “self-pollinating almonds” into google, it will take you to the Sciencedaily article on it. I’m sorry!

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