Hive Inspection 4/17 and 4/29

Since I didn’t have time to post about the 4/17 hive inspection, I’m going to post it with the 4/29 to compare what we saw.

In the past week I put together 2 mediums the foundationless frames. These will be the last boxes I add to the hives. From now on, I’ll just cut off the comb they’ve built out and place that frame back in the hive for them to build out again. The comb I cut out will be of honey of course! I don’t really want to use an extractor, I plan to just do crush and strain. Still messy but simpler I think.

Tuesday the 17th and Sunday the 29th were gorgeous days for a hive inspection.



Top medium- eggs/larvae in 6 frames, 3 frames of honey/pollen. Moved over one spot the outside frame they were just building. 7 frames of bees in the medium super.

Next medium: All of the older frames that were filled with honey have been emptied and filled with eggs. Drones along the edges. 9 frames of open brood, one of honey.

Top Deep: 1/2 frames being worked, not much in there as of yet (was added 2 hive inspections ago). Interesting that the queen is going through that deep to the mediums to lay.

Bottom deep: moved in a few frames from the edges to the middle to make them build those frames out. Not much brood down here.  Added 1/2 pollen patty (the old one cut in half).


Top medium: 9 frames built out, 5 1/2 frames of brood, moved frames of honey from the old top medium into the new medium that I added this day to encourage them to move into the new box.

Next medium: 10 frames built out, brood on 8 frames, 2 honey/pollen.

Top deep: middle 2 frames starting to be built out, eggs on top portion of these. Lots of bees over the frames. Honey and pollen on the end frames (wax foundation). One deep frame full of eggs and larvae.

Bottom deep: completely empty, cappings ripped off, clearly robbed out. No bees in the bottom.

What changed from the prior inspection? Bottom deep completely empty, top deep with a little brood, 2 mediums of brood. Do you understand what this equals? I have the equivalent one deep of bees since the general rule is to use two mediums to replace one deep. Thank you Mr. Skunk.

We moved out all of the unworked frames from the deeps, condensed into one deep with mostly drawn frames but I took out the old brood frames from Peter’s hive. Husband dropped a frame…very unhappy bees, the uptick in the buzzing was so loud. I hate the sound of crunching bees as you set the hive bodies on top of each other.



The topmost hive body is the shallow super with plastic foundation. They started working on the bottom portion of a few frames in the shallow.

Top medium: 7 frames of brood, all open brood. Remainder honey, all frames worked.

Top deep: 4 frames of brood, remainder honey/pollen

Bottom deep: honey/pollen, starting to work end frames, 4 frames eggs


Working on top shallow super, some frames being worked but they really don’t seem to like the plastic at all.

Top medium: frame of capped honey on foundationless frame, 8 frames of brood, moved 2 honey frames into new medium and added empty frames. Hubby sneaked a taste of honey comb that was stuck to the wall. This hive inspection was fraught with head-pinging and angry bees. The bees were NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top deep: brood and honey, frames were wall to wall brood (at least 5). You can hear the bees hitting my veil, shirt and jeans.

Bottom deep: At this point the bees were so loud that I could barely hear myself on the voice memo until I scream because I got stung under my arm. Then hubby gets stung at his achilles. Granted we inadvertently squished bees in those areas causing the stings. Lots of honey, brood and pollen. Very large hive.

Overall Demeter is doing fine despite the repeated the skunk attacks. Melissa, not so much. I’m going to take care of this thing pronto.


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