Nuc update

I checked the nuc on Saturday and did not see the queen, did not see any eggs. I wasn’t too worried as the hive wouldn’t be considered queenless until next weekend (if eggs were still absent). I’m guessing with this bizarre cold/rainy/sunny weather, the queen may have needed extra days to be well-mated. All of the queen cells I noticed previously have been torn down. There were a good number of bees as I mentioned before.

Just to make sure things stay on the positive side, I gave the nuc 2 frames of mixed brood (including eggs) so if they are queenless they’ll have the resources to make another one.

I’ll check the nuc this weekend for eggs, or newly hatched larvae (tiny C-shapes). The egg hatches in 3 days, falls over and forms a C-shape, so if I see either eggs or new larvae, I’ll know there’s a queen-in-residence. If I DON’T see any queen cells built out then the bees consider themselves queenright and we just need to be patient. I just hope I didn’t transfer my queen over to the nuc! I haven’t seen my queens for a while now, though I know they’re there. I may have new spring queens and have no idea, there are so many bees that you can’t spot the queens!


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