Nuc update!

Eggs in the nuc! Eggs in the NUC! You should have heard me a few minutes ago…I was yelling, “They have a queen!”

I found a lot of eggs, a few spots had 2 eggs but this in not uncommon for a new queen. This will improve with practice and workers will remove any errant eggs. The eggs were all smack in the middle, none on the sides and perfectly upright, a few even had hatched so she may have started laying around Wednesday. But I saw even younger larvae than what was ready to be capped, so she may have started  even earlier. The “insurance frames” I gave the nuc last week were a mix of capped and open brood. Not a queen cell in sight. Those eggs are now plump larvae and ready to be capped in a couple of days. YAY!!

I tried to find her majesty but just couldn’t, hopefully when we transfer the frames we’ll spot her with more eyes looking for her and I can get her marked.



  1. Great news indeed! When I checked my Nuc a week ago, we could find no queen and there were many cells with eggs attached to the sides, as well as a dwindling population of workers. We checked the “swarm hive” and saw lots of eggs and larvae, so I combined the Nuc with it. When I checked 24 hours later, there was NO newspaper remaining between the 2 supers. There was a pile of fine paper-powder outside the hive. Unfortunately I have been unable to check either hive in over a week. I am most anxious to check the parent hive. Both hive seem to have a robust population of field bees who have been busy bring in nectar. I now have a plunger-type queen cage and a yellow marking pen and I am hoping my wife can once again locate her Majesty among the many thousands of her subjects. Yesterday I added a new package of lure to my bait hive and put it back in the tree on a deer-hunter tree stand. I had removed the Nuc box a couple of weeks ago to capture the swarm.

    • Larry, I’m glad it’s working out. Do you still have another nuc coming to you? And will I see you at the meeting on Wednesday?

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