Nuc transfer

Sunday was Mother’s Day and a great day to become the caregiver of thousands of stinging insects. I brought the nuc over to Connie’s very early Sunday morning and we installed it without incident. We TRIED to find the queen but no luck 😦 I was ready to mark her… I can’t believe I couldn’t see her, I’m normally a very good “queen spotter,” not now I guess!

On my way:

Taped and strapped and ready to go.

Connie carrying her new charges, thousands of them!

Connie was super excited! Doesn’t she look happy?

They had a lovely set-up:

A very nice location for the bees.
Ready to transfer the frames.

We took a video of the installation. We were trying to spot the queen and I wanted to show Connie the eggs. Connie’s husband was the videographer, thanks Chuck!


Here it is, all set up. The nuc box was left in front of the hive to allow the stragglers to enter the hive:

The nuc was left in front of the hive to allow the remaining stragglers to enter their new home.

We stood and watched them for a while. It’s a nice location, lots of sun during the day and then shade in the mid-afternoon. I think the shade in the afternoon, especially in hot, humid Maryland is necessary. The bees were quickly active.

Connie is almost exactly 3 miles away, which should be fine for moving a hive. Most conventional wisdom states you “Move a hive 2 feet or 2 miles.” There are lots of folks that need to move their hives more than 2 feet and less than 2 miles, what are they to do? We’ll cover than another time. Once the bees were installed, we added a leafy twig to make them reorient just in case they would try to go back to their old location. When I was looking at my hives that afternoon, there were no bees at the nuc’s old location. So we should be good.


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