Queen cells

For the new beekeepers: don’t cut these out! There are posts all over the forums from new beekeepers who have cut out queen cells but gosh darn it, they can’t find their old queen or any eggs. What do you think these new beeks have done? Made the hive hopelessly queenless. Not a smart move.

A safe rule of thumb for anyone: if you don’t understand what you’re seeing, don’t do anything, close them up and leave them alone. The bees will sort it out. You can always ask for advice from your local beekeeper’s club.


One comment

  1. That’s what I think. We have had a really rainy season here in the UK. My hive had swarmed, there were about 6 Queen Cells, and I am a totaly beginner. I felt perhaps they needed to delay letting the Queen emerge, I might cut out a wrong cell and that ultimately the bees would know far better than me. It worked out OK. I didn’t see any eggs for 7 weeks but now there are
    plenty of larvae and capped brood. Lets hope for a late nectar flow so my new bees can go and forage and make plenty of honey.

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