Hive inspection 6/24

So, what’s the deal with the bottom deeps? Now Demeter (my purple hive) is in one deep for brood and has loads of honey. Remember how Melissa (the orange one) abandoned the bottom deep because of robbing? It looks like Demeter has done the same thing, but it is, I believe, “contracting the broodnest”. Actually, it looks like as one hive is growing, the other is battening down the hatches.

Melissa: 5 frames of worker brood, mediums are a mix of drone and worker brood, honey and pollen. The queen I’m replacing in the orange hive has laid 5 frames of deep brood. But the expansion is poorly timed. The nectar flow is over.

Demeter: workers in deep, remainder was honey. Bottom deep was being filled with pollen and honey. I wonder if as the brood nest is made smaller, the bottom deep is filled with honey and pollen, will the bees move down to the bottom deep and move honey into the top deep from the supers above? I have no idea.

Beautiful capped honey on foundationless frames
See the edges with capped brood? That center of “empty” cells is FILLED with eggs and brood. I LOVE this queen, love the genetics, these are from Peter’s hive. Granted she’s condensing the brood nest but the pattern is still stellar.
Know what this is? Mind you, I had just heard about these and two days later I found one in my hive! It’s a white-eyed drone and as you would expect, he is blind. I watched him fascinated, and just by watching you could tell. I later read some more about them and yes it was confirmed. Fascinating. This was from the Melissa hive. It looks like his eyes were painted. Here is a link.


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