Varroa mites

As I mentioned earlier, several days after the VSH queen was installed into Melissa it looked as if the bees had made preparations to swarm. I took out Queen Vivienne and placed her into a nuc with bees and gave Melissa more space to try and prevent a swarm. When I checked the queen in the nuc a few days later there was one capped supercedure cell (that was Wednesday or Tuesday, can’t remember anymore). I planned to move the Queen into a second nuc leaving the queen cell in the first nuc and see what happens with this daughter queen, so far I haven’t been able to get out there to do it. I’ll try tomorrow morning but it may be too late at that point to save the original Queen Vivienne. If all of this fails I’ll end up with one hive!

In my quest to figure out whether I would still have VSH traits in the daughter queens I stumbled upon this USDA site which explained the VSH trait. It has a lot of information: Varroa Sensitive Hygiene Bees


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