Honey time

Like my honey jars?

The large jars on the right are 16 ounce muth jars, the smaller one in the back with a cork on it is an 8 ounce muth and the front left is a 12 ounce hex jar.
These are 2″ round labels that fit the 12 oz lids perfectly and still fit the 6 oz lids but not as neatly.
Six ounce and 12 oz jars. I need more practice putting the labels on evenly.

I harvested about 17 lbs of honey. I don’t think I’ll take anymore, I plan to always leave lots for my hives to avoid feeding, that’s the goal at least.

I plan to dip the corks in beeswax to help ensure the “hygienic” quality.

I’ve given out quite a bit to the neighbors; the first jar is free, after that they pay! I plan to sell (hope to at least) the remainder at work.  I’m sending some off for my maple syrup trade as well.

I love my labels! But I wish I had a better option for the 8 ounce muth jars…



  1. Hi Anna, that is beautiful honey. I’m a beekeeper in Seattle, and just looking at extracting and bottling my first harvest. I’m very excited.

    For your 8 oz muth jars, I work for a printing company in Seattle, and we have a machine that makes custom die cut labels pretty cheaply, and we’re interested in marketing it to honey producers, home cheesemakers, home/small brewers, and the like. Let me know if you’d like to know more about it. Our website is http://www.savagecolor.com.

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