An update? Sort of.

Sorry for the silence, but as you all know, life gets in the way at times. Just 2 things today and not about bees though that will be coming up in a few days,

1. Newtown Connecticut. My brain won’t shut off; I just can’t wrap my head around it and I cry every day.

2. Meyer lemon: In November, I had set it out in the hoop house to protect it from the cooling evening temps. Meyer lemons tolerate as low as 50ºF, that’s it. Prior to Thanksgiving, I checked the forecast and saw that it was calling for temps in the upper 20’s. I meant to move the tree into the house before we left… remember I said meant to! I utterly and completely forgot. When we got back Sunday November 25th, the first thing I did was look at the tree and I could see it was frozen. UGH!! It had LEMONS ON IT!!! And it was FROZEN!!!!

I brought it inside into the guest bathroom which has a heated floor. I set up a dinky little gro-light which did nothing as the tree continued to look like it was dying:

Trimmed stems and dead leaves.
Trimmed stems and dead leaves.

After watering and babying the tree for about a week, I saw the number of leaves that had dropped off and the number waiting to fall and decided to trim some of the dead/dying stems. I figured this would trigger further rejuvenation as the tree was now warm, well lit, watered and overall…cuddled. I was right!

As you can see, lots of new growth!
As you can see, lots of new growth!
Even a flower
Even a flower

What a busy couple of months, I’ll catch you guys up a little more in a few days. I even have a woodworking project to share where I got to use a circular saw for the first time!


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