And more about those pesticides

One of the apiaries in PA that I know about has sold out of his nucs within a couple of weeks of offering them because local beekeepers have lost ALL of their hives and needed to restock them. In our club I’ve heard of folks losing ALL or MOST of their hives, this has been a bad winter for hive loses it seems.
New York Times article



  1. A lot of beekeepers I know in the UK have lost hives too. I’m terrified of losing mine. We need some sunshine! I think varroa is a bigger problem than pesticides though.

    • You poor folks in the UK seem to have the rainiest weather. When I was in London it perpetually overcast with a few showers, but not all the time at least.
      I completely agree that Varroa are more of an issue than people give them credit for (especially beekeepers), but pesticides are very prevalent here and easily accessible and incorrectly applied on a routine basis. The goal (thank to advertising and various misconceptions) is to have a weed free lawn (no dandelions or clover!).

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