Maybe they need a brood break?

I suspect my purple hive Demeter is queenless. As you recall there were supercedure cells in the hive (found these May 4th) and being generous with the timeline (emerged the 15-16th, a week to harden, mate, start laying puts us at May 22nd, extend that another week for weather reasons or miscalculation and that puts it at May 28th). I saw nothing Saturday June 1st and the bees were irritable. I’m really eager to resolve the issue but am TRYING to wait until Saturday to confirm queenlessness. Since this is the hive that was used to start Connie’s purple hive, I’ve asked if she could spare a frame of eggs which she generously agreed to.
So my plan is to go in Saturday and if there is no queen, I’ll get a frame of eggs from Connie’s purple hive.

Another option that I’m toying with is to give the orange hive (Melissa) a brood break by removing the queen, allowing them to raise their own queen and putting the old queen in a nuc. The reason I’m thinking about this is I’ve seen quite a few bees in that hive with deformed wing virus which is a virus that is vectored by varroa mites.

I’ve tried to contact some queen breeders but the supply in the northern states is late and to ship from California would cost almost $50! So it looks like raising my own queen will be the choice. I’ll keep you guys posted.


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