Robbing confirmed

Checked the two hives Sunday: the new one which had the 2 supers of capped/uncapped stores had most of the honey gone. Interestingly, the cells were not ripped and jagged, I suspect the uncapped honey was robbed and the capped honey was actually used by the bees. I think this is my last week to pull honey frames before they start to use the stores up and will need to be fed.

I found a few frames that were still “stealable” and capped. I checked the water percentage of the uncapped stores…it was 22% which is one percent lower than it was the last time I checked.

Then we checked the old hive and found…HONEY! In frames that were NOT previously filled. Hmmmm. And they had started drawing out some of the small-cell foundation. Anyway, if they end up capping it, I may be able to take 2 deep frames.

I’ll need to feed them next week, I currently have about 40 pounds of sugar at home, but I’m going to need a lot more.



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