Melting wax

For several months I had a 5 gallon bucket full of old comb–brood and honeycomb. As it was winter and no chance of the solar wax melter working, I decided to try using my crock pot. I used a liner to protect the inside sleeve from the wax.
Put a little water into the bottom, turned the pot on HIGH. Once it was nice and hot, I turned it down to LOW and started adding the wax. As the wax would melt, I would add more. Incredible how much wax fit into that little 4 qt pot and how these large pieces of wax would melt into mere teaspoons of wax. Never fails to amaze me.

Did you know that one pound of beeswax can hold about 22 lbs of honey?

Once it was all melted I poured it over cheesecloth into a cardboard milk container where it hardened. After that, it’s very easy to remove by tearing away the milk container. I prefer using paper towels for filtering as I can then use those as a fire starter, especially for my smoker.

5 gallon bucket of wax resulted in 1 pound of melted wax!
5 gallon bucket of wax resulted in 1 pound of melted wax!


  1. Interesting. What did you use as the crock pot liner? I have some wax to melt but am torn between melting in the oven using a tin can/cheesecloth method or using a bain Marie on the hob.

    • Emily, I used this:
      After it was all melted, I cut a little slit in the corner of the bag and drained it over the cheesecloth. There was a lot of muck which would clog the hole and I had to enlarge it mid-way through pouring. I had quite a bit of brood comb which resulted in the muck. I try to buy a minimum of extra equipment (really didn’t want to get another crock pot!) so using the liners turned out to be a fabulous option.
      I really should have used a paper towel instead of the cheesecloth. When I use a paper towel, I don’t worry about those little bits of grit getting through.

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