Spring Cleaning

Every beekeeper’s smoker gets a bit cruddy: creosote from the fire collecting on the inside, propolis and even honey sticking to the outside. Mine was looking pretty bad so I decided it was time for a clean!
Here it is in all its dirty glory:

The top of the smoker sported a VERY thick layer of creosote.

The top of the smoker sported a VERY thick layer of creosote.

Cruddy smoker.

Cruddy smoker.

Look how pretty!

Look how pretty!


I used Easy Off Oven Cleaner. I can tell you there was nothing “Easy Off” about this job, it took multiple cleanings and repeated spraying to clean the creosote. I unscrewed the bellows from the smoker, scraped off the propolis, cleaned and conditioned it even though I’m pretty sure it’s fake leather. Now it’s ready for another season although I may upgrade to a larger smoker as this one is a bit small and the fuel burns out quickly.


4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    • I think so Emily. I had to do repeated applications and at one point, completely forgot about it for a week after I sprayed it. But it helped to penetrate the grime I think. After what I thought was the final scraping, I used water (surprising actually how much dirt came off with it) to rinse off the oven cleaner. Let me know how it works for you.

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