Hive scale

Rusty at honeybeesuite posted about this indiegogo campaign:–3#/

I’ve been on the hunt periodically for a farm grain scale to use as a hive scale. One thing about farm scales is that they are heavy, you have to find one in good condition and in 1/4lb increments to work best for a colony of bees. I’m just not a craigslist “troller” so I’m not likely to find one that way. Such scales are also not portable and weighing each hive is impossible. Just google it and you’ll see what I mean. Plus my apiary is on a slope so a level space would need to be made and the bulky scale hauled into my backyard.

Other hive scales (digital and lighter) are VERY expensive and out of the reach of most beekeepers. 

You can make manual scales using a variety of techniques (yes, even a bathroom scale). We have enough projects as it is and is not digital.

Enter the Broodminder-w. Exactly what I pictured when wanting one: it sends data, is easily moved from hive to hive, is very low profile and essentially invisible and way cheaper than other scales. If they can get the price down to their target, I’ll buy even more.

Beekeepers (or non-beekeepers) can buy one of the campaign perks (such as the hive scale) or support the campaign with a donation. Rusty gives him high marks on product development so I’ve decided to get one and see what it’s like. But they only make them if the campaign is fully funded! If they don’t raise the funds they need, the purchase is refunded. So if you’re interested at all, check it out.


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